vWorkApp Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. vWorkApp utilizes real-time job dispatching and scheduling. A dispatcher can schedule a job to any offsite employee and, within one minute, the offsite employee will receive a new job alert. Both onsite and offsite workers will spend less time coordinating schedules and more time helping clients.
  2. Software Review Boffin determined that it is a clear, easy-to-use application. Installing the software and setting it up to fit your business is quick and easy. That means that dispatchers and employees can begin using the software almost immediately. Your company can start realizing benefits, efficiencies and ROI in no time.
  3. Offsite/mobile workers can be located with Google Maps. Dispatchers can track the progress of offsite and mobile workers and update their schedules accordingly. Dispatchers can create efficient routes, which means offsite workers can spend more time with a client and less time on the road. Software Review Boffin saw that this also means your company saves money on gasoline with the reduction in unnecessary driving.
  4. Useful data is able to be recorded within this application then exported to external databases, such as Microsoft Excel. This data includes mobile employees’ job history, time on the job, customer details, and more. This data can be analyzed to further improve your business and its core efficiencies. An extremely also useful for invoicing and accounting purposes.
  5. TomTom’s turn-by-turn navigation and eSignature capturing are innovative, efficient and great for the environment. A mobile team can reach clients without getting lost en-route. Software Review Boffin saw that this will mean less gas spent while driving and less money spent on gas. Time saved on travel can be invested with customers. The eSignature software is a quick and effective way to capture signatures. The additional benefits include fewer carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (from less driving) and less wasted paper (thereby saving the trees-Boffin liked this).

Ease Of Use:

  1. vWorkApp can be installed on computers and smartphones (both iOS and Android OS) within minutes. Jobs can be scheduled within the next few minutes. Both dispatchers and the mobile/offsite team can learn as they go, making this application fully functional for the company the day it’s installed.
  2. This software keeps job dispatching and schedules highly organized. Jobs can be organized by worker, by customer, by status, or any other way your company sees fit. Customer information and notes are neatly kept in appropriate, designated locations. Job schedules are straightforward and completed with simple dragging and dropping.
  3. Job scheduling is done in real-time and automatic push notifications. Quickly see who’s busy and who’s free, then create and dispatch new jobs and schedules with a simple drag and drop. That means jobs are created and scheduled instantly with less than a one-minute delay for the notification to be pushed to the offsite team members’ phones.

Help And Support:

vWork truly seem to care about their Software Review Boffin was able to contact vWorkApp with questions or concerns by going to their vWork contact page. You can email or call the team and someone will answer your questions as soon as possible.

The top three reasons to choose vWorkApp:

  1. Incredible job dispatching and scheduling: This application will help your company manage and control job dispatch and scheduling.
  2. Ease-of-use: vWorkApp is highly user-friendly. Jobs can easily be dragged into workers’ schedules. Workers can be added to the application efficiently. The team will not be spending any time learning intricate, new technologies. All members of the dispatching team can start using the application immediately.
  3. vWorkApp is a complete package: The application contains job dispatching and scheduling capabilities as well as GPS phone tracking, route navigation, eSignature capturing, an API that can be integrated with your company’s finance or CRM systems and privacy controls.


The top 3 reasons to get vWorkApp:

  1. vWorkApp is a dynamic and valuable job dispatching and scheduling tool, which can improve communication on your dispatch team and enhance your overall business.
  2. It’s easy to set up, easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to manage, which means almost no costs are involved with implementing this software.
  3. vWorkApp will help you gain ROI, which can be achieved by increased organization and communication as a direct result of vWorkApp’s software.

The 3 most important features to look for when you download vWorkApp:

  1. Software Review Boffin liked Real-time data syncing with automatic push notifications:

    Schedule a job and offsite/mobile workers will be notified of this change within one minute.

  2. GPS tracking:

    Dispatchers can locate and track the progress of all workers on the field.

  3. Data collection and exporting abilities:

    Capture electronic signatures, photos, addresses and other important data about customers. This and other data can be exported into Microsoft Excel or other external databases to examine and analyze key information and figures.

The best vWorkApp software – our top 3 choices:

  1. Drag-and-drop job dispatch scheduling.
  2. GPS tracking and route navigation capabilities.
  3. Ability to use vWorkApp software with both iOS (iPhones, iPads) or Android OS.