Disketch Disc Label Software Review

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Top Five Features

  1. With Disketch Disc Label Software users can Create a vast range of CD or DVD labels Quickly and effortlessly. Additionally Software Review Boffin were able to create professional labels and covers with a ease and smoothness that made the exercise a pleasant experience.
  2. Users can if they choose Import their personal photos in order to create personal disc backgrounds and covers and sleeves. Using your own selected photos or artwork to design unique and personal labels. The effect of doing this can be quite remarkable
  3. Disketch Disc Label Software can print on adhesive labels, or directly onto printable discs* This will allow your imagination to run wild!
  4. Disketch Disc Label Software has a great feature ,said Software Review Boffin , the ability to harness the power of "drag and drop", or move and layer text and images to create a label masterpiece. Simply "drag and drop" to arrange images and add text to your labels
  5. Select from a wide range of text styles-users are able to import their own artwork or designs , or alternatively set a simple background color and if they wish easily organize the artist information along with the relevant track lists. Users can import their own artwork, or choose to set a simple background colour and organize with the artist information along with track lists.

Ease Of Use

Disketch Disc Label Software will Easily format, resize and align your text . It can Create professional CD and DVD labels in a blink of an eye Disketch Disc Label Software will permit users to simply choose their label type (CD or DVD) and commence adding images and text. It's that easy. Software Review Boffin is Impressed!!

Help And Support

NCH is a Global software company with expertise in a wide range of sophisticated products.This comprises a comprehensive FAQ section , the Disketch Disc Label Software itself contains an extensive help section. The great thing about companies such as NCH , they have narrowed support down to a fine art.

Top Three Reasons To Choose Disketch Disc Label Software

  1. Import track names directly from a CD in your disc drive, a feature that makes the software simpler and easier to get on with your task
  2. With Disketch Disc Label Software users can if they choose change the background color of the disc, great for color coding your library, says Software Review Boffin.
  3. The transition from software to printer is made all the more easy by manually adjusting the printing position on a page to suit your requirements.


This user friendly CD label maker lets you put your own personal touch on your CD and DVDs. NCH are a reputable software supplier, typical of their products, this comes to the marketplace with the grace and elegance of the creations that will unfold when using this outstanding Label Making Software. Software Review Boffin particularly liked the graphics of Disketch Disc Label Software and the easy to follow procedures to deliver great results.. first Time all of the time.