Bridge Baron 24 Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. After many years of research and development, Bridge Baron 24 is a five-time winner of the World Computer Bridge Championship. Bridge Baron 24 is the latest upgraded version. Software Review Boffin found that It caters for players of all ability levels, from novices through to experts. Hundreds of hands have been selected from many tournaments.
  2. Players can easily arrange the speed and the skill-level of the game to suit their own level of expertise. Players can keep informed of their statistics as to how successful they are. There is also a facility to go online if a player so wishes.
  3. There are over a hundred conventions that can be used and practiced. Boards can be played just for fun, and players can even challenge themselves to a bridge match against the program itself.
  4. Another good feature of Bridge Baron 24 is the Challenges section. Here you try to solve bridge problems as if you were actually at the table. And clues are given! It is especially good for the average club player wishing to upgrade their skill level.
  5. The program does have a subtle voice-over format, so congratulations are given for hands played well. There are multiple languages to choose from.

Ease of Use:

  1. Software Review Boffin found that Bridge Baron 23 program is easy to download and is ready to play in just a few minutes.There is a PC and Mac Version so users are spoilt for choice one could say.
  2. Bridge Baron 23 graphics are clear and instructions are easy to follow. Just click on your bid or click on the card you wish to play. Bidding mistakes can also be easily rectified.
  3. It is easy to set the parameters for your own ability. Once done, click on any time for an enjoyable game at your own level of comfort.

Help and Support:

Bridge Baron 24 offers as much support as any bridge player could want. There is a Bridge Baron Website, Contact Information, the facility to chat with a Support Representative, and Face Book for those who wish to share bridge ideas. On 'Useful Links', players can find out how Bridge Baron can help the Visually Impaired play bridge.


The top three reasons to choose Bridge Baron 23:

  1. Users can play at their own level and at your own pace in an easy, enjoyable way.
  2. Also users can genuinely feel that this is a great way to improve their game.
  3. With itís great library of features, users will never tire of this game.

The 3 most important features

  1. Before you start playing, set the Game Speed and Skill Level to make sure you get maximum benefit from the program.
  2. Many players will appreciate the Convention Practice feature. Whatever you and your favorite partner play, this is a perfect opportunity to practice in the comfort of your home.
  3. Check out the 'Challenges'. They are a lot of fun and bound to increase your skill.

The best Bridge Baron 24 software - our top 3 choices:

  1. The program is easy to use and easy to enjoy.
  2. The program offers as much support as you could want.
  3. Bridge Baron 24 supports many languages