List of Free and Open Source Mac Games

Here is our list of Free and Open Source Mac Games. Please contact us if you know of a program that should be on this page. Boffin supports open source software. If you have an open source project, we may consider making a small donation to your project. To be considered, please get in touch via the contact page.


Nexuiz allows to select from several weapons like the grenade launcher, shotgun, machine gun or the missile launcher and choose to battle it out with your opponents in over 15 deadly arenas. Gamers can play alone or go against other gamers on a PC, MAC or Linux.

Numpty Physics

Numpty Physics objective is to move a ball to an area marked by a star. To make the ball move, gamers need to sketch an object a ramp, pulley, or draw a string to a rock they think can help the ball move to the desired location and advance to the next level.


Othello will seize as many of your opponents pieces as you can by surrounding them with yours and flipping them over to match your colour. The one with the most number of pieces once the board becomes full is the winner.


SuperTuxKart will select your mascot and race in go karts, complete challenges and pick-up bonuses and nitro liquid along the way. Play with friends or race against the computer to complete 5 different modes including the Grand Prix, Single Race and the Time Trial.


Enigma will match similarly colored stones in over thousands of levels or landscapes by solving puzzles and staying away from traps.

N v 2.0

N v 2.0 - You are a black ninja stick figure maneuvering your way in mazes in search of gold. Be wary of the enemy robots and escape death.


WolfQuest allows you to live the life of a savage wolf inside Yellowstone National Park. Learn how to stalk elks and deers, look for a mate, nurture pups and protect your pack from grizzlies or coyotes. Enjoy the game alone via your desktop or go online and form a pack with other gamers.

Swarm Racer

Swarm Racer lets you control a swarm of bees and collect all the gems in the maze as fast as you can. Collect all trophies in all 8 stages.


StepMania will let you sweat it out, follow the lighted arrows and dance to the rhythm using a dance pad. For the couch potatoes, these directional arrows can also be followed using your keyboard.