Orbital Trader (Mac) Review

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Top Five Features:

  • Build your own prospering, economic empire. Buy and sell goods in effort to earn millions and billions of dollars. Each individual planet is able to produce one, well needed, resource and pay a substantial amount for others.
  • Multiplayer game play. Up to 3 people can play against each other and take turns. Each turn is counted when a player travels to another planet.
  • Customize the game play to your liking. Play with up to 24 planets in a game, and a maximum of 600 turns. With that much game play you are bound to own the universal!
  • Keep track of each players score and see who the best intergalactic tycoon is!
  • The toggle Full screen button gives the option to run the game in full resolution or from a window.

Easy of Use:
Simple installation and easy to follow interface. Just drag and drop the game icon into the applications folder on Mac OS X, and double click to begin. The game play is simple and only requires the use of a mouse.

Help and Support:
We have been unable to find a definite tutorial, or help system. However, the game does have descriptive labels which appear whenever the mouse hovers over an item; this makes it easy to learn about the game interface while playing.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose Orbital Trader:

  • Each new game brings forth a different scenario. You will never have to worry about becoming bored.
  • Subtle, Space Music. Keeps your mind focused while performing intergalactic trades.
  • Multiplayer Mode. Playing a game is always more fun if you can play with more people.

Orbital Trader is an exciting game of intergalactic trading with a different outcome each time you play. It has subtle, space music that keeps your mind focused, and the ability to play with more than one person. The installation is simple, just drag and drop the game icon into the applications folder on Mac OS X, and double click to begin.