Pax Galaxia (Mac) Review

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Top Five Features:

  • 50 mind boggling levels. Fight your way to victory as you take control of one planet at a time in effort for universal domination; each level brings on a new set of challenges.
  • Create your own custom levels or modify existing one to enhance game play, by using the built in level editor.
  • Challenge your friends and invite them to join your own hosted multiplayer game, even if they haven't purchased the full version of Pax Galaxia.
  • Choose the team you want to play on and level of difficulty. The game consists of 3 teams White, Red, and Green, as well 4 pre-set difficulties and one custom setting.
  • Free technical support whenever needed, and available online is a strategy guide.

Easy of Use:
Simple installation, and easy to follow interface. Just drag and drop the game icon into the applications folder on Mac OS X, and double click to begin. Also, the game play is simple and only requires the use of a mouse. Just click and drag from one planet to another to move your ships and right click to cancel any actions.

Help and Support:
As soon as the game starts, an interactive tutorial walks you through the necessary concepts and controls in order to win your first game. Afterwards, if you still need a review, you can access the tutorial from the main menu as well as the user guide.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose Pax Galaxia:

  • Addictive Game Play. It's hard to quit the game once you start playing.
  • Multiplayer Game Hosting. Playing a game is always more fun if you can play with more people.
  • Infinity of Random Generated Levels. Gives a reason to keep on playing because you never have to worry about becoming bored.

Pax Galaxia is an addictive game with multiplayer hosting, enabling you to share the fun with friends and family. The interface is easy to use and installs just by dragging and dropping the game icon into the applications folder on Mac OS X. With 50 mind boggling levels, and the ability to create your own, the fun never stops!