Rainbow Mystery for Mac Review

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Top Five Features:

  • 3 different game modes to choose from. Timed is a set time limit in which you must complete the swap-and-match puzzle before the candle wick burns out. Untimed lets you play the normal swap-and-match puzzle, except there is no limit. duel lets you and an opponent take turns; whom ever has the highest score wins!
  • Clear, smooth graphics with detailed scenery. Also, there are 14 different character animations.
  • Mystical music sets the mood of each level, drawing your attention closer to the game.
  • Automatic save ensures your game is saved upon exit, so when you return you continue were you left off.
  • Toggle Full screen give the option to run the game in full resolution or from a window.

Easy of Use:
Simple installation and easy to follow interface. Just drag and drop the game icon into the applications folder on Mac OS X, and double click to begin. The game play is simple and only requires the use of a mouse. Just click one flower and another one opposite from it to swap and match, creating a line of matching flowers. At any time you can restart or quit the level by using the menu bar on the top right corner.

Help and Support:
Before starting a game the rules dialogue opens, giving a simplified explanation of how to play the game, Afterwards, if you still need a review, you can access the rules from the main menu.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose Rainbow Mystery:

  • 70 Levels of Play. There is no reason to get bored.
  • Enchanting, Mystical Music. Feel like you are in the game and let your mind drift away.
  • Two-Player Mode. Playing a game is always more fun if you can play with more people.

Rainbow Mystery is a fun game with 70 levels of play, mystical music to relax the mind, and the option to play against an opponent. Game play is quite basic and only requires the use of a mouse. To install, it is a breeze. Just drag and drop the game icon into the applications folder on Mac OS X and your ready to begin.