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    Improving your memory is something that can be undertaken at any age - you're never too old or young to start. But where exactly DO you start? There are a plethora of memory improvement books and software out there. Many are mediocre at best. But some really stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Three of these will be summarized in this article.

    *Ultimate Memory can now only be accessed as a "Add on" Purchase from the eReflect range of Educational and Self Improvement Software.

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Ultimate Memory

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *

Ultimate Memory is without question the best memory building tool we have tried to date. It contains a very impressive array of tools to help users build a better memory. These include brain training games, video training, memory improvement tracking, and more.

The types of things you'll be able to remember more clearly include names, study material, passwords, facts and figures, directions, foreign languages, and virtually anything else that you're required to regularly recall.

Ultimate Memory takes a different approach. It has designed scientifically 10 memory building games. Each one has been developed to focus on a different aspect of the memory. This targeted approach aims to improve all of the core skills that are needed for excellent memory recall. The software also includes detailed instruction on specific memory building techniques - the kind that are used by memory champions and the like.

Ultimate Memory

Second Place Silver Medal * * * * is a memory improvement course. It's stated goal is to help you with remembering everyday things like finding your keys, recalling names, and even warding off Alzheimer's disease.

It has been developed to be suitable for virtually any age and level, even if memory loss has already set in.

Included in the package is both a book and accompanying software.

Although in our opinion it didn't come close to Ultimate Memory, it's still a good package and well worthy of our silver medal.

Phenomenal Memory

Third Place Bronze Medal * * *

In our opinion, phenomenal memory is a great course, but requires a very significant effort on the part of the student. The course essentially teaches a series of complex mnemonic techniques (although they don't call them this on the website, it's essentially what they are). These techniques can be very beneficial if you're willing to spend hundreds of hours on them, and we recommend this course for such students. The only problem we have with this course is the value. For what it is (an e-book and a forum) we think the price should be about 1/10 of the current $297. This is especially compared to tools such as our winner Ultimate Memory, which offers far more for a much lower price.

Phenomenal Memory