Acoustic Labs Audio Editor Review

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Top five features
Acoustic Labs Audio Editor is typically very easy software to use and this must not be viewed as a limited; it is such a powerful mp3, Wave, WMA, PCM and OGG audio editor, recorder and editor. It allows you to easily open, save and edit as well as recording of audio materials on the formats above; an interesting application indeed. Would you love to enjoy its features? Then, get down to sampling them.

Acoustic Labs Audio editor is such a powerful tool that is able to create and edit very huge junks of audio files and projects. No need to worry about the huge stuff out there, the software will take care of it.

This program also has the advantage of converting audio files and at the same time allowing them performs conversions among various supported formats of audio nature.

Acoustic Labs Audio Editor provides for razor sharp editing operations like Zoom-in and editing at time lower than a millisecond.

The software features such tools as cut and copy, delete and paste and volume adjustment for easier system operations and deliveries.

Acoustic Labs Audio Editor also supports full or complete mp3, OGG and WMA tag editing, a feature that won’t let you down while recording or playing your favorite music or stuff.

Ease of use
The presence of key buttons such as open, edit, record as well as save allows you preserve your WMA, MP3, Wave, OGG, audio files with ease. You can easily Zoom in comfortably and edit at sample levels. The effect key allows you to delay, echo, chorus and reverbs your files as you proceed with your project. Tools like copy, cut, paste, adjust volume stretch and delete allows you to effectively work well with the software.

Help and support
Registered user enjoys it best as they can directly contact the customer service center and get immediate response. The help gotten from the user guides provides you with step by step operations regarding the software.

Top three reasons for choosing Acoustic Labs Audio Editor

  1. Easy conversion of supported formats of audio files
  2. Its ability to easily open record and edit as well as save mp3, WAV, OGG and WMA.
  3. The razor sharp editing ability that allows editing and zoom-ins at sample levels.

Are you tired of waiting for long for your music players to load, record, save and perform playback? Acoustic Labs Audio Editor has a solution. It can support all forms of audio formats. Besides, you can use it as an audio converter as you allow for changes among the supported audio formats. With this software, you are assured of creating as well as editing different types of audio files and projects.