Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder Review

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Acoustic Labs Software has issued a much awaited new release of their most popular audio recording, editing and mixing package: The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder. In earlier versions users found the mixture of ease-of-use and functionality to be a winning combination. With subsequent releases Acoustic Labs Software has retained the intuitive user interface while also adding great new features - this new release is no exception.



  • Cut
  • copy
  • paste
  • delete
  • volume adjust
  • fade
  • reverse
  • echo
  • reverb and more
  • Import audio files and mix down projects to wave (WAV) and MP3 audio file formats
  • Built in metronome with different drum beat tempos
  • Record new tracks while existing tracks playback synced up in realtime
  • Realtime multitrack recording and mixing, plus punch in/out recording
  • Supports CD quality audio playback and recording
  • Razor sharp editing: Zoom in and edit at the sample level (less than a fraction of a millisecond)
  • Multiple input/output audio device support
    • Support and help:

      The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder is used by thousands of people around the world. The majority of our users are from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia however, we also have a substantial customer base in many non-English speaking countries - from Brazil, Senegal, France, Austria, Germany, Finland, Thailand, Sumatra and many other countries. This serves as farther evidence of how far the intuitive interface can go - bridging language barriers. The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder can be used for a variety of recording, editing and mixing needs. Musicians and bands are frequent users of our software because its multitrack abilities are great for recording songs. Radio personalities and sound engineers often use the Multitrack Recorder to create various audio productions.


      The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder is an easy-to-use eight track digital audio recorder, editor and mixer allowing users to create professional quality audio productions. Each of the tracks is kept independent so that various editing operations can be performed on one track without affecting any of the other tracks. The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Recorder plays audio back and records audio at CD quality (44.1 KHz, 16 Bit, Stereo). During playback, all of the tracks play mixed together as one sound. When recording new tracks all existing tracks playback simultaneously so that you can record in perfect time with the existing audio.