Audio Tags Editor Review

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Edit tags of audio files is called the Audio Tags Editor. it is a powerful tool. Software Review Boffin considered Audio Tag Editor is a must have utility to organize your music collection and audio files. This program also allows users to create play lists, rename files, organize folders, export data to different formats, and more. Audio Tag Editor allows you also to find the information about music albums in the FreeDB online database.

Main Features Summary:

  1. Editing included lyrics and pictures.
  2. Editing tags directly in the list cells.
  3. Obtaining information from the FreeDB database and automatic tag filling for a number of folders (unique).
  4. Obtaining information from the FreeDB database for audio discs.
  5. Editing tags for entire folders and their subfolders.
  6. Automatically collecting statistics for folders: track length, average bitrate and file size.
  7. Copying the tags of the selected files onto the clipboard.
  8. Exchanging frame contents.
  9. Renaming files and folders including the quick renaming mode (by template).
  10. Advanced files search with tags parameters (unique).
  11. Creating playlists including the quick creating mode (by template).

Support and help:

Audio Tag Editor allows users to find the information about music albums in the FreeDB online database. The software will download the list of suitable albums according to the number and length of the tracks. Software Review Boffin was able to select any album from the online list to fill all tags with the received information. Audio Tags Editor allows users to do without the separate tag editing dialogs and edit them directly in the list cells. This makes the tag editing process similar to editing the spreadsheets. Nevertheless, the software has a convenient form for editing the tags of the separate files or a group of selected files.


Audio tags is a powerful technology to identify, search, and organize tons of music files. Unfortunately, many files have no information in the tags, or the information is not complete. This problem is annoying when users rip or download a huge number of music file, and then want to organize some collection or compilation.Fortunately Audio Tag Editor allows users to modify tags in all subfolders at once. Using this feature you can set comments or other information to all files of your audio collection at once no matter how many folders with music files you have. When you open folders, you can see the total play time, the bit rate, and the size of all audio files there.