Magicscore 6 Review

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Top five features: The magicscore 6 is a professional music notation software that offers most of the advanced capabilities for lovers of music as it gives them an opportunity to tune correctly the notes, sounds and their timing, processes the effects and their dynamics. One is also given the option of using both general and extended sets of musical symbols, terms and chords that are used for complex compositions and the special features for the Magicscore 6 include:

With Magicscore 6 one is able to tune up the notes sounds and their timing features where one can process effects and the dynamics very easily.

You can use both the general and the extended sets of symbols to create your own musical symbols and if you feel like experimenting with the terms and chords for complex composition which can be played using a peculiar or a non standard grammatical solution.

The magicscore 6 also has a set of special tools that include a virtual piano, a fingerboard for six or seven string guitar and there is also notes performance editor and a six navigator you could easily use to record and work with single piece or large compositions.

The Magicscore 6 also enables one to edit his or her composition and develop it easily by copying, deleting, pasting, transposing both the single and selected blocks.

You can also use the magicscore 6 to adjust volume of your music, balance and add effect the tracks and also you can play the notes for a single instrument or the entire orchestra and be able to preview the score and print out.

Ease of use: The software comes with its manual and also the instruction notes on how to install and use the magicscore 6 are included in the installation Compact disk. It is easy to install and use just at the click of the mouse.

Help and support: One can be able to get help from the internet and troubleshoot option and also one can be able to add their own language that they understand so as to be able to use it effectively.

The top three reasons to choose magicscore 6
Even though there is so much software that can perform the same function as the magicscore 6 but there are things that will make you choose magicscore 6 and leave the others and they include:

  1. The magicscore 6 allow the user to extensively edit the song and the text by copying, cutting, pasting or deleting whatever you feel may not be required.
  2. The note entry using the virtual piano and the score entry using the chord builder of which is hard to find this option in other software.
  3. The last one is the automatic spell checking of information entered.

Summary: The magicscore 6 is one of the best software to use as it supports any of the windows versions, easy to use and gives you the best in whatever work one is doing.