MixPad Audio Mixer Review

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Top five features
This versatile and powerful software has the ability of multitrack mixing developed professionally for audio productions. With it, you can load and reload clips as well as mixing them in one instance. You are able to adjust the volume, fade in or out and pan your audio. This is a perfect digital version or replacement when it comes to using multitrack recorders and desk mixing. Most importantly, the MixPad Audio Mixer features;

Tired of limited mixing of sound tracks, the MixPad can unlimitedly mix your track sounds without giving you problems in the course of operations.

MixPad Audio Mixer also supports various file formats such as MP3, GMS, WAV, and real audio.

This software has the drag and drop feature that makes the users’ task of dropping and dragging files an easy pill to swallow.  When it comes to CD ripper, this software can load your files directly to the CD-ROM.

MixPad Audio Mixer has an integration of WavePad audio or sound mixer with which you are able to edit and apply varying sound effects on your clips.

MixPad Audio mixer can also support various file formats such as MP3, WAV and VOX with no difficulties.

Ease of use
MixPad Audio Mixer has a graphic interface that provides the user with intuitive scenarios that allow him operate on the software. The integration of WavePad audio editor makes it easy for you to edit and use audio effects on clips. With the CD ripper, you are able to load sound directly from your CD-ROM.

Help and support
All registered users with MixPad Audio Mixer benefits from batch conversion and multithreading; something that brings a lot of ease as you work with the software. The guide issued to you when you make your software purchase provides you with clear steps or instructions on how to work with the system.

Top three reasons for choosing MixPad audio Mixer

  1. The ability to allow you to load and record sound clips and still mix them as a unit.
  2. It is easy to use them differently, adjust its volume, fad in or out and pan the sound or audio without any problem.
  3. You are able to remix and mashups with the software.

Willing to roll into the bracket of those people who can mix various audio tracks, MixPad Audio Mixer is simply stylish multitrack software with the ability to deliver standardized output. It makes it easy for you to pick various sound clips that allow the MixPad Audio Mixer work on it to finally give out a totally new life.