MP3 Keyshifter Review

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Top five features
MP3 Keyshifter is a versatile stuff of program with the ability to convert keys of various audio tracks and save them as MP3 and WAV files. By making the choice to pick these backing tracks, it is easy to convert the key to match your desires; thatís vocal range by simply pressing the icon. Choosing to work with MP3 Keyshifter, you enjoy the following features;

MP3 Keyshifter solves the problems of not being able to change keys. The software allows you to change key +/-6 semitones easily so that you can work amazingly well.

When it comes to modifying mp3 and WAV files as well as saving them, the MP3 Keyshifter provides for instant/ faster modification and saving hence no problem of delays.

MP3 Keyshifter allows you perform key whilst songs changes without stopping, you simply perform it as you continue singing.

The software also allows you to optimize your tracks backing and systematically save them as you continue to perform; you will definitely love it all.

MP3 Keyshifter provides for effective, faster and clinical change of the tempo from -99 to the heights of +200% all in a scintillating version.

Ease of use
The MP3 Keyshifter boasts of a backing track that allows you easily and effectively control your vocal distance or range as you continue to sing. This backing track also provides you with an opportunity to change keys to meet your desired vocal distance or range. With it, you can finely tune it to meet your voice.

Help and support
For support to registered people, the online email address provides them with an easy communication time when a problem arises. The guide offered at the purchase of the Mp3 Keyshifter helps you to perform tasks easily and faster.

Top three reasons for choosing MP3 Keyshifter

  1. Has the ability to optimize those backing tracks of yours and still save them as you sing in real-time.
  2. Able to change music tempo from -99 to +200%
  3. It can make all your backing tracks to be at your intended range.

As this software brings a soothing feel on music lovers, you cannot resist its usefulness. It has the ability to change any audio track key and still save your modified music or sing to mp3 and WAV. It can help you modify mp3 as well as WAV files and save them faster without any problem. in case you been worrying about the new system, you can now be sure that the software is not a mere object worthy nothing but a real versatile tool for all your real time music changing and modifications; a worthy tool to invest on.