Overdub Review

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Top five features include:
You can easily create overdubs for radio, commercials, internet radio, movie sound tracks and any other place where one may need to create a voiceover quickly and easily and also set the punch in and out and have a full control of mix down and over volumes.

It can be used by radio professional engineers to create voiceovers for commercials and Television shows and it can also turn the non professionals into professional overdub artists.

The overdub has RipEditBurn and RipEditBurn plus that is used to rip audio from CDs, internet radio-even LPs!-open up overdub.

It can also be used as home audio mixing software which can be used to create movie sound tracks, adverts, special effects for your PowerPoint presentation and the multi track compositions very professionally and quickly.

When doing the overdub the recording software for real time mixing and overdubbing is used to create voiceovers for videos, commercials and presentations, creates a complete musical arrangements and also has overdub sound effects, controls the punch in and out.

Ease of use:
Using the manual and the procedure in the software one can easily install and use it at the click of the mouse as there are also steps included in the software on how to achieve an effective overdub.

Help and support:
There are experts who are readily available at the internet who will teach you on how to use the overdub effectively. It does not depend whether you are an expert in using this software but can be able to convert a non professional to a professional in making adverts and even using it at home for your own reasons.

The top three reasons to choose Overdub:
1. The software comes with a trial version of 14 days whereby if one feels like he wants he can purchase the full version at a cheaper price.
2. Helps to create advertisements easily, TV shows and voiceovers.
3. The overdub can be used as perfect home audio mixing software for multi tracking compositions quickly and professionally.

The overdub is perfect software that enables the work of radio presenters easy as it can create voiceovers quickly and easily, commercials and TV shows. It can also be used by both people regardless of whether one is a professional or not and for those who love mixing their music at home the overdub software can perform all these just at the click of the mouse.