VDrumlib for Windows Review

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Top five features
VDrumLib for Windows is software that allows you to create custom drum kit libraries for the Roland VDrum module and it is also applicable to others like TD-6, TD-8, TD-10, TD-10EXP, TD-12, and TD-20. The software also makes it easy for one to copy, combine music, rename and rearrange your kits as per the way you would like them to appear. The software also allows you to transfer all that is in the libraries to your module using the in built MIDI transfer software and the people using the Roland VDrum TD-20 have the privilege of transferring kits via the compact flash card slot

VDrumbLib allows one to create custom drum kit libraries for your Roland VDrum module.

The VDrumLib has a simple user interface that is employed to all the VDrum modules therefore making it easier for the user despite of the module that he is using.

The software also eases the work of the user as one can copy, combine, rename and rearrange his own kits with those from the V expressions limited without having the fear of overwriting your personal settings, user patterns and output routings.

Transfer of the libraries to the module is easier as the in built MIDI transfer does all this work.

Those using the TD-20 version they have an additional advantage of transferring kits through the Compact Flash Card slot.

Ease of use The VDrumLib for Windows comes with a manual on how to install and use the software just at the first click of the mouse.

Help and support The VDrumLib for Windows software comes with instructions and steps on how to use it and can also be found in the internet and also one can upgrade at a minimal fee.

Top three reasons to choose VDrumLib for Windows:

  1. Creation of drum kits by the software is easy and gives the user an opportunity of adding his own tools without overwriting.
  2. Itís easy to rearrange copy and combine music to the desired state at which the user would like it to be.
  3. Transferring music is easy by the use of in built MIDI software that does the transfer.

Summary Makes it easy to copy, combine, rename, and rearrange your own kits with those from all without fear of overwriting your personal trigger settings, user patterns, output routings, etc. You can even transfer the libraries to your module with the built-in MIDI transfer software. TD-20 users have the additional ability to transfer kits via the Compact Flash Card slot.