Duplicate Finder Review

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Top Five Features
Duplicate Finder works on two levels, via the CRC32 and byte by byte approaches, to find duplicate files and to recover your disk space. It not only checks for duplicate system files but also the pictures, mp4 and mp3 audio and video outputs as well.

Duplicate Finder works faster with 100% accuracy and gives good result in your operating system optimization. It goes inside the code of files that are differently named to remove them and to recover your disk space.

Duplicate Finder is programmed to notify users before they delete files that have nominal differences. Users can use Duplicate Finder to make the job professional and effective.

There is a customization feature with Duplicate Finder by which you can select the folders you want to check with Duplicate Finder. Even users can set any files they want the Duplicate Finder to ignore from its search.

Duplicate Finder has an affordable price and users can check its performance by using the full edition trial version on 50 files.

Ease Of Use
Duplicate Finder is very simple to use and developed on a simple algorithm. Therefore, users will feel comfortable using its simple user interface.

Help And Support
A read me or help file is available with the Duplicate Finder program. Users can read it for ease of use. Online inquiries for support services are also available.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose Duplicate Finder

  1. Duplicate Finder is highly effective in removing duplicate files and recovering your important disk space.
  2. Duplicate Finder can help you to optimize your Windows operating system optimization.
  3. You can regain valuable speed.

Duplicate Finder is fantastic at recovering your important disk spaces that were captured and used by duplicate files, including system files, miscellaneous registry entries, and pictures, audio and video files. Utilizing Duplicate Finder in removing those unnecessary files can give your operating system optimized performance thus will enhance your machine performance. It is designed on a simple algorithm that effectively checks the duplication of files via two methods for accuracy and cross checking unless the program is customized by the user. Even two files with fuzzy differences can be identified and users will be prompted for the next action.