NoClone Review

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Top Five Features
NoClone is a duplicate content finder and remover that help Windows to recover the unnecessary disk space used by duplicate contents. It results in a greater machine speed and a faster performance for the users.

NoClone is a simple program with a complex user interface that leaves the users with search results that they can manage at their sole discretion. There is scope for improvement with NoClone when compared with other duplicate content finders from operating system optimizers.

Being a simple algorithm to identify duplicate content, NoClone requires very little disk space. One can say that this program is efficient in its performance.

NoClone is designed to work in safe mode. It works in the binary data ‘byte by byte’ process. It does not work in advanced and modern techniques like CRC32 and MD5. The reason for selecting such a working method is to maintain safe operation.

Users with beginner skills in Windows operating system optimization can use the program to remove duplicate contents as well as pictures, music and video files. The program can process more than hundred thousand files for checking duplicate content.

Ease Of Use
NoClone does not have any complex user interface design and anybody can use it because of its ease of use.

Help And Support
There is a built-in help file available with the program. Registered users can get a privileged support service from the publisher website.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose NoClone

  1. NoClone uses a simple algorithm to perform duplicate content finding and removing tasks.
  2. NoClone helps to regain machine speed and improves the operating experience.
  3. NoClone is a simple program that can give you more than one hundred thousand file checking searches.


NoClone has been developed on simple programming language and designed to return the findings in an efficient program for removing content duplication. NoClone can help your operating system to be optimized. It works at a faster speed with much accuracy and maintains safety above all else during the process.