AudioFileHandler Review

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Manage and edit audio files with AFH. Edit their Tags and create playlists, create or edit lyrics to be displayed synchronically with playback. Coordinate your new streamed audio files with already existing ones.


  • Copying, moving, deleting of files including all files that are linked to those files.
  • Removing all non-standard tags from copied files.
  • Switching Artist and title in the file name.
  • Take over the tags Artist and title from the filename and vice versa.
  • Set the text for the tag album.
  • Cutting off sign from the left end of file names (cutting off enumerations)
  • Changing established enumerations into a standard format.
  • Shifting already existing enumerations to the beginning of the file name.
  • Creating enumerations from the track.
  • Linking files with other files (texts, pictures, videos, web sites,...), thus creating an important context for you personally.
  • Opening the linked files directly.

Support and help:

AudioFileHandler will help you to administer and change audio files and their tags. Administer and change audio files and their tags. Create and administer play lists. show the song text synchronized to the played song. Create links between audio files, text files, pictures, videos, or any other file types and with that put those files into a memorable context. AudioFileHandler Read the following file formats:


  • Muse pack audio files/MPEGPLUS
  • Monkey's audio files
  • Windows Wave files
  • FLAC audio files
  • OggVorbis audio files
  • AAC files
  • WMA files
  • MP4/M4A files

AudioFileHandler Read the following Tags:

  • ID3 Versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
  • Lyrics Versions 1.00 and 2.00
  • APE Version 1.0 and 2.0
  • OggVorbis (ID3v2)
  • FLAC-Comments (ID3v2)
  • WMA-Comments
  • MP4/M4A Comments


Super Audio Converter converts audio files between MP3, Wave, WMA (Windows Media Audio), Ogg and Vqf formats. Its user-friendly interface supports both drag & drop and shell operation of Windows Explorer. Most work can be done automatically with a few mouse clicks. You can convert many files in batches regardless of their source formats and target formats. Super Audio Converter also supports playback of all the audio files with its built-in player.