Efficient Calendar Software Review

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Top five features:

  1. Software Review Boffin found that Efficient Calendar is an excellent time management software which is composed of task manager, calendar module, scheduler and reminder. Under the help of Efficient Calendar, people can make full use of their time and improve work efficiency.
  2. Efficient Calendar is designed to implement GTD (get things done) so that after users make a plan of their tasks so they can also track the progress. And users can set importance and priorities for events and tasks to follow the "First Thing First" principle.
  3. Additionally, Efficient Calendar has embedded a powerful document editor which is similar to MS-Word. So users are able to write comments and details of their events and tasks, which is beneficial for users to review or make summary in the future.
  4. Software Review Boffin confirms there is the network edition of Efficient Calendar also. Efficient Calendar Network is specially designed for small to medium workgroups to share data, work in conjunction and develop team work efficiency. In addition, if users have a imminent meeting, Efficient Calendar software will remind all users of your setting.
  5. Efficient Calendar has a very intuitive user interface that allows multilingual options. It has up to 30 languages, such as English, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and so on.

Ease of use:

  1. Efficient Calendar simple interface, detailed guides and multiple calendar views help users start Efficient Calendar in few minutes.
  2. Efficient Calendar carries powerful search capabilities which allows users quickly find information they need.
  3. Users can click "Next 7 Days", Hide completed tasks, Current Week and more buttons to list entries that users selectt.

Help and support:

Users get all the troubleshooting help in the Efficient Calendar website as soon as users ask for it. The user guides, how to and tips are also listed.Users can email or call their support as well if the choose.

Top three reasons to choose Efficient Calendar

  1. There is available a portable edition which allows users use Efficient Calendar at office or home.
  2. Efficient Calendar is a cost effective version of all the great time managers but still is a multifunctional software program.
  3. There is a perfect security system of Efficient Calendar software: recycle bin, backup and restore function, password protection and file encryption.


Efficient Calendar Software is an excellent and powerful time management software program. Software Review Boffin confirmed that Efficient Calendar Software carries the information in a protected format to keep at bay all unauthorized persons and it is also compatible with Netbook.