EZShift Review

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Top Five Features:

Software Review Boffin found that EZShift offers a excellent employee scheduling software for all sized businesses. EZShift schedule software automatically generates the complete weekly/monthly shift schedule for your team. EZShift scheduling software does it all for you!

  1. Software Review Boffin determined that Setting Rules are what set EZShift apart from the competition. The rules are easy to define, but at the same time can reflect a company’s most diverse needs. For example..Must have at least one Spanish speaking representative each morning? Can’t have more than one inexperienced employee on any night shift? EZShift existing rule template relieves the user of the need to formulate these rules themselves. With EZShift, you set the staff scheduling rules according to your parameters in accordance with any state regulations, company needs or employee requests.
  2. EZShift helps a shift scheduling manager to eliminate mistakes, staff schedule conflicts and overlaps. EZShift error prevention system prevents a user from accidentally assigning too many shifts to an employee, or from assigning shifts that don’t fit their preferences and/or their skills. It also assures that your employees get enough rest time between scheduled shifts.
  3. Software Review Boffin liked the way EZShift helps the user remedy any schedule conflicts ­employee scheduling clashes, last-minute scheduling changes, and lack or overabundance of workers­ in real time with immediate notification and suggestions for its solution, EZShift ensures you won’t miss a thing, and that your every action is air-tight and mistake free. EZShift scheduling software even looks out for the user after they have posted a prepared schedule.
  4. With EZShift, users can integrate their company employee requests limitation policy into the system. For Instance... (1) all staff must leave at least 5 shifts open for scheduling during the week, (2) can’t block more than 2 nights a week, (3) must not block all weekend shifts? If a staff members availability does not match your company policy, the system will refuse to save his or her requests. Within this policy, shift employees can enter their requests 24/7, from anywhere.
  5. EZShift will enable employees to enter long-term requests in order that they don’t forget important personal events. EZShift brings you yet another step closer to facilliatating the best manager-employee dialogue possible

Ease Of Use:

  1. Software Review Boffin found the software easy and quick to install, with no limit to the amount of installations.
  2. Simply make changes just by dragging and dropping.
  3. Efficiently eliminates countless notes and charts ­ EZShift clears your desk (and mind) of clutter.

Help And Support:

EZShift ­ Employee Scheduling Software is a Software As A Service product (or SAAS), which means users receive full support for their product for as long as they use it. With a comprehensive manual, FAQ, direct email and phone access to EXShift support team, users peace of mind is guaranteed.