Final Countdown Review

Software Review Boffin declared Final Countdown a perfect sleep timer software for Windows. It is just like the sleep timer in your television. Set the time then go to sleep while being assured that your computer will close at the time that you have chosen.

Top Features of Final Countdown

  • Easy, only thing you need to know is moving your mouse.
  • Customizable, Final Countdown has many different themes and options to customize.
  • Economy Mode, Final Countdown can turn off your monitor after 30 seconds to save energy.
  • Good Night Mode, Good Night Mode will incrementally turn down the sound, a nice feature if you like to fall asleep listening to music but don't wish to leave your computer running all night.
  • Anti-Guest System, This feature ensures that no one else uses your computer whilst you are absent.
  • Faves and Shortcuts, You can save your favorite countdowns to your desktop or to the quick access list.
  • Maid, Final Countdown can clean your Recycle Bin and Cookies, History and Temporary Files of All major browsers.
  • Notifications, Final countdown will inform you a few different times before the countdown finishes. So if you need more time, you can cancel or postpone the countdown.
  • Support, Final Countdown have a web page running exclusively for support. You can write to them at anytime.
  • English, German and Turkish languages supported.

Features in Depth

Ease of Use

Software Review Boffin considered Final Countdown to be designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Everyone can use it very easily. When you see the interface you will understand everything at a glance.


Software Review Boffin found that users can alter the colors and menu position as they choose. The software was found to have many themes of different colors. Software Review Boffin is sure that you will like at least one of them.

Good Night Mode

This mode gradually turns down the sound by the parameters you have chosen. You can for instance start to turn down the sound after 5 minutes and the sound should be incrementally turned down completely in 10 minutes. This means Final Countdown will wait 5 minutes. Then, it will start to turn down the volume. And in 10 minutes volume will be completely shut down. Software Review Boffin liked this aspect after a hard days work!

Faves and Shortcuts

With Faves users are able to save their favorite Countdowns to their Quick Access list. Later, with just 1 click users can set them with ease.

Also with Shortcuts you are able to save your favorite Countdowns to the desktop with all the options. This is all you need to do after running this file, the Countdown will start with the options you have selected.

Anti-Guest System

This feature will lock down your computer to make sure no one is tampering with your computer when you are away or sleeping.

Multi Language Support

Final Countdown currently supports English ,Turkish and German languages. More options are in the pipeline-so watch this space says Software Review Boffin.


Final Countdown is able to alert the user prior to completing a task with an alarm sound and a notification window. The alarm sound may be disabled if required.

For basic users, Final Countdown alerts you at 300, 90, 15 seconds before a selected time.

For power users, they can specify up to 20 different notification points, and final countdown will notify the user when a notification point is reached.


In the unlikely event you encounter any problems or require a new feature you can always contact Final Countdown on their contact form on the web site or Final Countdown support page.

Why you should get Final Countdown

Because you like listening to music before you sleep? But you feel unsettled as your computer will continue to operate through the night because of it? Or perhaps you have some task to undertake (eg: virus scan, download etc...) and because you wish to close your pc when itís complete. If you answered yes to one of these questions Software Review Boffin considers that you need Final Countdown!