Xiosis Scribe Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Planning : Software Review Boffin was able to use the built in mind mapping tool to visualize our ideas and plan a document. Visually seeing the relationships and sub topics help you to easily break down complex documents, organize and arrange them before you commence writing.
  2. Research : Scribe allows the user to search the best knowledge sites on the web for information that you can use in a document. The user is able to use the research tool to clip text from the sites, summarize them, manage comments and sources. The research tool also comes with a transcription player to help you with recorded audio lectures.
  3. Composition : The composition feature in Scribe allows you blossom as a writer whilst improving your productivity. Several tools like the type assist feature learns your from your writing and suggests words and phrases to complete your sentences. The composer also provides excellent information about your writing such as attitudes, verb subject relations, helpfulness and more.
  4. Layout : Scribe lets you use free form layout-the user can drag paragraphs and resize them as they like. Styles may be applied to parts of the document or to the entire document with ease using the Style page feature.
  5. File : The file management feature in Scribe allows the user to store files related to the document they are editing within the Scribe document. Users can easily extract and add more files. Scribe also supports importing and exporting from other word processor file formats and lets you upload directly to blogs.

Ease of Use:

  1. Very easy to use : Software Review Boffin found that Scribe was designed so that anybody can use it with minimal learning.
  2. Find what you are looking for: All buttons are labeled and color coded. Only the commands related to the task at hand is shown., Software Review Boffin liked this feature.
  3. Excellent first use experience : The first use tool guides users through some of the tasks for the first time and helps users become familiar with Scribe through the use of the help file and short video tutorials

Help and Support:

Help for Scribe is always near at hand. Scribe comes with a detailed context help file which can be called up using the F1 key. There are several short video tutorials guiding the user through some of the main tasks. The user can also use the support forum to ask for help or directly request help by email. Xiosis is very responsive to help requests and usually responds within a short while.

Top 3 Reasons to get Xiosis Scribe 2011 software:

  1. What Software Review Boffin found was several features that are not available in other word processors. Such as mind mapping, research tools and enhanced tools to assist users with writing
  2. Easier to use. Scribe was designed to be easy and intuitive to use.
  3. Helps users to complete their writing tasks quickly and produce high quality documents with minimum effort.


No matter what kind of writer you are, Scribe can help users become more organized, productive and a better writers.