HTML Password Wizard Review

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Top Five Features
Want to protect the passwords of your web pages? Never worry because the HTML Password Wizard will do it for you. The standard industrial algorithms for encryption feature in the HTML Password Wizard and this helps in protecting web page passwords with ease. It will do this even to multiple web pages.

If your password is in another language aside from English, do not fear. The HTML Password Wizard is able to protect passwords written in any language. It means that it is not limited by languages.

Another outstanding feature of the HTML Password Wizard is the ability to create the users template with ease as it configures the login web pages fully without any additional command. Surprisingly, it can retain a memory of the password, hence making it easy to avoid issues later.

The next feature that makes the HTML password feature a must-have computer software program is its page template. The page template enables you to build different attractive and eye-catching functional login pages for the website.

Lastly, when you protect your password, the HTML wizard makes it independent of the major servers, including the OS, web servers and the server used as a browser.

Ease Of Use
The HTML Password Wizard is very easy to use because of its great command power. By just clicking on a few buttons, the password protection and encryption shall have taken place. In addition to this, the HTML Password Wizard users are able to encrypt and have their web pages password protected with either a single password or even multiple passwords.

Help And Support
The HTML Password Wizard company has a unique offer of a license on every purchase made. For instance, there are HTML Password Wizard programs for different users: single users’ license, 5-User Corporate License up to 50-User Licensed HTML.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose HTML Password Wizard
If you want to protect your web page password, then the following reasons will make you choose HTML Password Wizard:

  1. The limited time that the HTML Password Wizard takes to protect the HTML web page is just amazing. This is because of the industrial standards of its encryption algorithms.
  2. The HTML Password Wizard will ensure that the protected password is not stored on the web page that has been encrypted.
  3. Try this unique password protector. It does not matter whether it is a single password or multiple passwords that need to be protected.

Are you the owner of a website that wants passwords of web pages protected? The HTML Password Wizard has the best help for you to ensure that all the visitors to the web page must login before accessing the page. The page may be one that has some confidential information that you want to keep out of reach, so encrypt it and password protect it.