Password Resetter Review

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Top Five Features

  1. Software Review Boffin was attracted to Password Resetter software on account of its no frills , no clutter and straightforward interface, a must when faced with the task of Resetting a windows Password
  2. Allows users continued access to continuing to work whist without effort, gets on with allowing users to reset their password controls.
  3. Password Resetter automatically creates a Bootable CD and DVD with burning software , this comes included in the package. Password Resetter software also will facilitate a USB Memory Stick in the event users do not have access to a CD drive. Once done simply log in without a password.
  4. Suitable for all Windows products from XP , NT, Windows 2000,Vista and Windows 7
  5. The method of recovery is completely safe and will not affect the integrity of your computer.

Ease of Use

The claim that Password Resetter will recover lost passwords was put to the test by Software Review Boffin, we actually timed it to 48 Seconds, this was achieved within a couple of clicks and away it went. The process is as easy as download-Burn and reset

Help and Support

Password Resetter comes with a Video tutorial , easy to follow imaging , with easy to follow (almost child friendly ) steps to get you up and running again. Password Resetter offer 24 Hour Technical Support, a great advantage for Global Customers.

The top 3 reasons to get Password Resetter:

  1. The simplicity of Password Resetter software at a time when users are at a stress point having lost their password is its principle reason to recommend this software
  2. Ability to download onto CD,DVD or a quick esy to use USB Stick

    Reliability, Software Review Boffin found Password Resetter software to respond exactly as the site suggests.

  3. Comprehensive easy to digest Video Tutorial, no need to be a Guru with Password Resetter software.

The best Project Management Software - our top 3 choices:

  1. Solves without fuss or ado a problem many of us encounter, it's a quick, inexpensive solution to password recovery
  2. Competitively priced in a crowded marketplace Password Recovery Market
  3. Password Resetter is reliable to the point of allowing complete reliance by the user.


For users stuck in the unenvious predicament of being locked out of their system, Password Resetter is a great option to get back into windows