PC Unlock Review

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Software Review Boffin is satisfied that PC Unlock helps to remove and or reset a lost windows password.

PC Unlock works on all versions of windows starting with windows NT and thereafter with Microsoft windows XP, windows vista and windows 7

PCunlock offer 2 options to install..

  1. Instant Download of the software The instant download option, the users are required to burn the software by themselves.
  2. the CD can be shipped by mail. Overnight delivery option is available should customers require faster delivery.

There is an easy tutorial included for those people who are less experienced or conversant with computers. Software Review Boffin found PC Unlock software is simple and easy to use and it requires only 2 minutes to unlock a computer. Simply boot the locked computer from the PC Unlock CD. Follow a few simple steps and restart the computer. And the locking password is gone!

For any users unlikely to be experiencing difficulties with using the PC Unlock CD, there is an easy tutorial at hand for members, explaining the step by step resolution of any concern.

Help and support

PCunlock provided rapid email support Software Review Boffin found that the response to most questions within 24 hours. With the easy video and text tutorials by PC Unlock , it is really uncomplicated to use PC Unlock software.

The top Four reasons to choose PCunlock

  1. PC Unlock is attractively priced as compared to other similar products. Some of the other comparable products demand well in excess of PC Unlock price, commented Software Review Boffin (press "more information" button below).
  2. PCunlock "one off" cost is for lifetime access, the users access will never expire! This signifies confidence in their product said Software Review Boffin.
  3. PC Unlock is easy to use, instant access and text and video tutorials to assist with anything and everything. A big plus is the option to order the CD for customers who prefer the pre-made CD delivered expeditiously directly to their doors!
  4. Lifetime access and support, with most emails being answered within 24 hours!