RoboForm (Password Manager) Review

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Top Five Features

The RoboForm Password Manager has a feature called “Identities by RoboForm”, which manages the information storage and retrieval to automatically fill out the forms on your behalf as soon as the online forms call for the information.

RoboForm Password Manager supports Internet Explorer 8 and 7, coupled with Firefox, and as soon as you get the hang of it then it will be all systems go. Unfortunately though, the software does not support Chrome, Opera and Safari.

The RoboForm Password Manager software has SafeNotes, which is a feature that secures ATM pin numbers and other important information that commands high security.

The easy accessibility to web pages enacted by RoboForm Password Manager is done because of the powerful structure. This is specifically important because the software is keen on securing even social security numbers, among so many other secure details.

The RoboForm Password Manager generator is an important feature that ensures that the hackers and other password crackers do not succeed. It also has a bookmark function, which creates a shortcut via the desktop for easier functioning.

Ease Of Use

To begin with, the RoboForm Password Manager installation process is so easy. You first have to choose your master password to secure your passCards, SafeNotes and Identities. The whole RoboForm Password Manager Installation process takes just 2 minutes and no more. The workings of the software may seem baffling at first as a result of the functions on the toolbar, but once you get a hang of the menus you will be home sweet home.

Help And Support

The company offers a step by step manual from which you will get everything you need. If you still have issues, you may go to the site and seek help.

Top Three Reasons To Choose RoboForm Password Manager

  • The software has three very important features that makes it almost impossible for criminal password crackers
  • It is very flexible and strong
  • The software is also very cheap considering the quality work it does via passwords.


The RoboForm Password Manager secures, saves and manages your passwords to keep any insecurity, both human and technological, at bay. Through the SafeNotes, your personal important numbers can be secured. The Identities section makes it possible for the software to automatically fill out the stored information forms. RoboForm Password Manager is important to generate and keep your master password safe, thus entering it into inaccessible web pages with ease.