SplashID Password Manager Review

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Top Five Features
SpashID Password Manager is a safe information and password manager that helps those that want to store important personal messages or information, and do it with ease and the level of safety required.

The auto lockout feature that locks passwords after ten unsuccessful attempts, the password meter that controls the length of the password and the hint option for passwords make the SplashID Password Manager a very secure way of managing a personís passwords.

To avoid your user name being tracked by the website fraudsters, the web auto fill facility within the SplashID Password Manager prevents keyloggers from being able to access your details. It ensures that one click of the mouse opens the website for you to go through automatic login.

If you want the results of the search information from the website, the enhanced lookup feature speeds the display of the possible search result as you type. In addition to this, the tool bars give you access to the features that are most often needed.

Speaking of customizable record types, the SplashID Password Manager has an unlimited number of such record categories to help you in storing all private information. This includes passwords, usernames, credit cards, bank accounts, insurance and many other types of confidential information.

The 256-bit Blowfish encryption that is used by SplashID in password protection ensures more security for the information stored.† If you want to generate a password automatically, the automatic password generator will help you realize this.

Ease Of Use†
SplashID Password Manager is very user friendly as it can allow the user to create his or her own input categories and still proceed to create forms for the custom data meant for storage. It also has a manual backup system that will be directed by the user when it is supposed to be operated.

Helps And Support
The manufacturer website associated with the SplashID Password Manager allows you to try this software before you buy. Free trial software is provided to help you get acquainted with it. Amazingly, the price of this software is also affordable so anybody can easily acquire it.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose SplashID Password Recovery†

  1. The information stored through this password manager is secure and easily accessible on the computer desktop because it is encrypted.
  2. The SplashID Password Manager has icons that are set with improved high decree graphics.
  3. The full information backup process ensures the safety of the stored information, especially with the help of info restore feature.

If you want to securely store your important confidential information, SplashID will offer you the safety that is needed. Protect your passwords, calling cards, PINs, bank accounts and more because this password manager is able to store them in an encrypted format that is secure and easily accessible on the desktop.