Spotmau Password Genius-2009 Review

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Top five features

The windows admin/ user password recovery is designed to easily reset or clear windows XP, 2003, NT and 2000 user/administrator password giving the operator an easy and stressful working time.

The key finder and password key helps the user to locate their email password that has been forgotten, go further to outlook the password in a very simple and characteristic fashion. The problem of failing to reply or communicate with your customers or friends is not an issue anymore with the emergence of spotmau password genius -2009.

This software can help you locate and easily display the product key of every window and the Microsoft office products. You can also use it to find CD key of windows systems especially when the startup of your window is proving hard.

With this program or software, you can find the password to help you in network connections of such tools like the DSL connections and dialup without posing any trouble to you.

The spotmau password genius 2009 has the pedigree to display user accounts on the windows you have before you.

Ease of use

The spotmau password is well designed and has directions clearly illustrated to help you use it. The interface is a user friendly one causing no problems to you while using it hence allowing you humble time dealing with work pressure.

Help and support

Spotmau password genius -2009 has informative step by step directional file that provides you with helpful information of how best you can use the program to achieve good results. You can also get the best information on the sites that carry the illustration of the spotmau password genius – 2009.

Top three reasons to choose spotmau password genius -2009

  1. It helps you find your lost email password with ease hence enabling you access you email account.
  2. With this program, you are able to view user’s accounts on the windows as easily as possible.
  3. It has the pedigree to give you a one hundred guarantee of your money; the software cannot fail just like that.


Spotmau password genius -2009 is a special tool that provides you with needed an up to date service time. You are able to locate your lost emails, be able to display your accounts on the windows etc. the program will definitely not give you piecemeal information either; you can find all the information about your password in full. When your problem has always been the use of manual login, this tool provides automatic logon for passwords that offers you all the protection you need