Windows Password Killer 3.0 Review

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Top Five Features

The Windows Password Killer 3.0 is compatible with Windows renditions, thus making it so useful to a person who needs to urgently reset the computerís password. This bears in mind that most folks prefer the Windows OS as opposed to Linux or UNIX.

The Windows Password Killer 3.0 has a unique feature that disallows new re-installation of the Windows OS, which invariably saves on time and costs. Many new installations, it should be noted, are more harmful than useful.

With Windows Password Killer 3.0 the bootable CD can be slotted in and it will perform the task so well. This means that multiple computers can get the same service one after the other.

Windows Password Killer 3.0 does a faster job as it has been primed to only have few steps to follow to complete the entire process. Who needs a slow Password Killer? No one I am sure.

Furthermore, Windows Password Killer 3.0 supports many file systems like FAT32 and FAT16, as well as three others, and types of hard disks in the like of IDE and SCSI.

Ease Of Use

By first selecting the Windows installation to be processed icon, you will go to the next step of selecting the account whose password needs to be reset. Confirmation will be the ensuing step and then your computer will be restarted. The process of using Windows Password Killer 3.0 is that simple.

Help And Support

Help is always given free of charge. All you need to do is pay a visit to our website and seek out the help. The questions and answers in there will be enough to quench your thirst for information. Where it gets difficult technologically, personnel are on hand to come to your house to rectify the problem as soon as you seek help.

Three Reasons To Choose Windows Password Killer 3.0

  • Unlike other password setters and retrievers, this software does not cause any new installation in the Operating System.
  • The password reset tool is compatible with the entire known Microsoft Operating Windows and can therefore work with most computers.
  • You can use the USB or floppy driver to reset passwords and SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives are also supported.


The Windows Password Killer 3.0 resets passwords with so much ease and efficiency, as well as without undue damage to the operating system. A bootable CD-ROM can be used to do the entire password task in three easy steps. With such software, the necessary safety of your computer and all the files therein are guaranteed.