Windows Password Reset 5.0 Review

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Top five features

Windows Password Reset 5.0 software combines well with large or bigger hard disk drives with over 200GB without showing signs of failure. The user is able to handle great data or information and still get the satisfaction he wants.

The windows password reset provides support a variety of windows which includes the XP+SP2, XP, 2003, NT, 2000, windows server 2003 ×64 edition operating system, windows server 2008, windows XP professional ×64 edition (64-bit) and windows VISTA(64-bit). This software is versatile in away that the user can use it on many programs available and still manage his data or information.

This software embraces quite a number of computer accessories such as SCSI hard disk drives and IDE ATA SATA, FAT16, NTFS, FAT32 and file systems of NTFS5. For those people who handle a lot of data, this software is the best placed to serve them well and deliver on the results they expect.

Windows password reset 5.0 provides a one hundred rate of recovery of lost information and will never give you results within a short time. You do not require seeking special knowledge or services of a skilled technician since the software has steps to follow uniquely with full screenshots.

This software allows the user to reset the password at his own will; it does not limit him on the number of times he has to reset his password. Windows password reset also requires no installation as it is custom made to perform uniquely and independent.

Ease of use

A very good software program that has well written steps to guide the user on how to operate or use it. The full screenshots released allows the user to know what  is expected to do next.

Help and support

Apart from the program’s ability to work with a number of software, every registered user is provided with necessary help on a twenty four basis. The user is guaranteed with a full hardware help whenever the software shows signs of failure and most interestingly, the graphical back screen provides the user with the stimulation they cherishes as they  work.

Top three reasons to choose windows password reset 5.0

  1. The program allows for immediate reset of password without restriction of any kind.
  2. It works with almost all computer programs and shows no signs of relentlessness.
  3. It is easy to use; thanks to the three easy step guide provided at every purchase.


The windows password reset 5.0 is exceptionally good as it gives the user an easy time to work with; its ability to accommodate every computer program makes it the best software around the world. With its perfect recovery time of lost files, the system gives the user an easy working life and time.