Zip Password Recovery Master Review

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Top Five Features

The Zip Password Recovery Master is a realistic password recovery program that bluntly tells you when the password is there and this guarantees you that your password will be recovered. It does not give you any wrong matches but simply lets you know that it has the capacity to get you what you want.

The Zip Password Recovery Master performs its task to an 8,000,000 psw/sec capacity, which is a speed that is faster than most password recovery software packages. In fact the speed means that it is done in record time, as mentioned, and on one PIV.

The Local Area Network is efficiently and sufficiently utilized with Zip Password Recovery Master software. The fact that the network is now constant means that the software will simply even work better.

The Zip Password Recovery Master contains a more than 450,000 words out of the English dictionary, which will make the password impossible to evade the software. The zip password recovery allows for the inclusion of even more dictionaries.

Zip Password Recovery Master has a very easy and strong graphical user interface (GUI), which adds easy accessibility. The GUI is important because, as you use the software, it is important to clearly know what you are doing.

Ease Of Use

Zip Password Recovery Master is easy to use. In fact, all that is required is a selection of the zip file and the consequent click on “Go”. After that, you would have begun the process. The ease is also augmented by the fact that the software is a do-it-yourself software and is therefore structured to allow for “home folks” to use it.

Help And Support

You should not avoid asking any questions when you actually need to because the Zip Password Recovery Master website has all the answers you require. You can also join the forum to get both testimonials and talks about the software that will go a long way in boosting your morale and ensure that you more informed about the zip recovery software.

Top Three Reasons To Choose Zip Password Recovery Master

  • The software does the password recovery in zip format at a speed that is more than acceptable. This is again because of the heuristic smartness of the software.
  • The software uninterruptedly runs while other PC programs are running, thus making it possible to save on time.
  • The software is highly durable and can be used in compound computers without easily breaking down.


Zip Password Recovery Master recovers passwords that were lost for the workings of the zip archives. Both speed and functionality is the bulwark of the functionng of the software and the action of recovery is done with very high success.