Aerial Mah-jong Review

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Top Five Features: The sounds and music are great to listen to. They can even be turned off or on, if you prefer it that way.

More than 100 extremely fun levels for you to try

You get bonuses as you complete levels, which consist of really cool ancient treasures.

Some pieces have beautiful pictures of flowers, the year's seasons and the wind.

Great special effects, that you can see when you combine the same pieces together or when you look at the board.

Ease of Use: This game is very simple to play, all you have to do is click with your mouse two pieces which seem alike and if they are the same they will break and disappear. You can control everything with your mouse and everything is very simple and easy.

Help and Support: When you first start playing the computer shows you a tutorial for what you need to do. Here you will learn the basic actions for the game, as well as knowing which pieces are capable of being combined with what other piece. If you need any more help you can always visit the game's web site or contact them via email.

Summary: Aerial Mah-jong is a fabulous game, you will spend countless hours trying to solve this puzzle and you still won't have enough. Since you first start the game, you can see that the graphics and sounds are superior to many other games. If for some reason you don't feel like listening to too many sounds at time you can either shut down the special sounds or the music. But I wouldn't recommend it at all. The goal of Aerial Mah-jong is almost the same as a common Mah-jong game, the only difference here is that you play on your computer, you can combine several pieces together and you get bonuses every time you complete a level. Aerial Mah-jong has several beautiful designs on the pieces that you will be playing with. Some of them include pictures of flower, the year's seasons, the wind, bamboo sticks and numbers. With all of these you are going to try and connect the ones that are similar and the ones that go together. The tutorial will teach which pieces can be put together, for example any flowers can be combined with each other. Every level has a timer and if you haven't combined all the pairs together then you will not complete the level. You get scored on the time and on how many pairs you are able to combine. If for some reason you have no more pairs to combine then you will also loose, so you have to think a little bit before choosing which pairs to combine, because the next pieces that will appear depend on this. Aerial Mah-jong is a very addictive game and it will help anyone forget about their problems for a while.