Alien Shooter - Fight For Life Review

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Top Five Features:
  • You get to relive all the past history of the previous game.
  • Additional levels which give a whole new story to the game.
  • More creatures and aliens which you have to kill and defeat.
  • More weapons to equip your character with and defending himself.
  • You can use cheat codes to complete the levels faster.
Ease of Use: This game is controlled easier when you have a joystick available, this will let you shoot and move quickly. The computer's keyboard is also an easy way to play this game; you can use the arrow keys to move along the scene and the space bar to shoot the aliens.

Help and Support: You can view the help menu at any time just by clicking on it with your computer's mouse. The support team is always ready in case you have any trouble shooting the game. The help menu contains a big guide about how to play the game. It is very useful.

Summary: Alien Shooter - Fight For Life is an expansion pack for the game Alien Shooter. This software includes more levels, where you will find more aliens than before, which you will have to kill before they can kill you. The graphics have been altered a bit and there are also some new sounds to listen to. The scenes in each level are bigger and have more surprises waiting for you. The aliens move faster and appear from places that you did not imagine. New weapons have also been added to this expansion pack, each with its personal way to kill and hurt. In this new expansion pack for Alien Shooter, the aliens have already conquered most of the world and the humans have been hiding for a little more than a year. Your character will find out that there is still one way to defeat the aliens and that is by a virus. Your mission will be to find this virus, which was being tested by some of the governmentís most important agencies. You must locate the place where this virus, make it work and kill all of the aliens. The game's story will keep you wanting to play the game as long as possible. As your mission goes on, you will find other obstacles and new pre missions that you must complete in order to make the virus functional. Fight for life is an expansion pack that gives a whole new story to Alien Shooter, while still keeping the same story from before. Itís the perfect add on.