All of the Windows games Review

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All of my Windows gamesTop Five Features:
  • You get at least 13 incredible strategy and action games, which are compatible with windows.
  • All of the games are very addictive.
  • The games do not take that much memory space on your computer.
  • All of the games have good graphics and nice sounds.
  • You are able to connect to a home network or the Internet to play against different people all the time.
Ease of Use: All of the 13 games are very easy to play; all of them can be controlled with your computer's mouse or joystick, even your keyboard. The easiest way of playing is by using your computer's mouse. All of the games have well organized menus and icons which let you control everything perfectly.

Help and Support: Every game has its own help menu; with its own instructions and rules to play each game. You can ask for support by email or through the game's web page. Everything you need to know about the game can be found in each game's help menu. Everything is easy to find and understand.

Summary: This game packet contains some of the most addictive and entertaining games ever created. Even though some of them may be a little simple, the graphics and sounds are simply great and they do give you hours of fun and entertainment. This game pack contains 13 famous games which include, Slay, Conquest, UFOs, Foosball, Rats, Football-o-Saurus, Critical Mass, The General, Mother of all Battles, End of Atlantis, Fire Fight, Capture the Flag and Niggle. Every single game is very different form the other, but they are all basically strategy and action games. For example in Foosball, you get to play against other players in a common game of Foosball, but it sure is fun to play. The game Rats, provides you with hours of entertainment, you must kill as many rats as you can before they reproduce and create a plague which you can't stop; it doesn't really matter what method you use, but you must destroy all the Rats. The Mother of all Battles is a game for those people who love planning strategies and ways of defeating the enemy, you must collect all your army in the correct positions or your enemies will defeat you. End of Atlantis is a very active game, you must keep destroying the enemy spaceships which come near you and your people; you cannot let them hit you and you must take your people to a safe place. Conquest is an excellent strategy simulation game; you get to take over the world, if you have the mental capabilities to choose the correct strategy to invade the rest of the world. This game pack will keep you occupied for an undefined number of hours, some of these games will just keep getting better and better the more you play them.