Alpha Ball Review

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Top Five Features:
  • You can add some magnificent power ups like, guns and rockets.
  • Many different levels which can even be played backwards to create new ones.
  • There are five more level packets available, which will allow you to play more than 500 levels
  • Great 3D graphics, the colours and figures do seem to reach out of the screen
  • You can save your game and play it whenever you feel like it
Ease of Use: It's a very simple game to handle and enjoy. You can control all of the ball's movements with the mouse or keyboard, depends on what you like the most. The mouse is very effective to break more blocks and pointing in the correct direction.

Help and Support: You can access the help section of this game directly through the main screen of the game when it starts. You can also pause a game and reach the help menu from the game's screen, which will appear in the tool bar in the top. Everything you need can be found in this help menu, from game instructions to support with any troubleshooting you might have.

Summary: Alpha ball is a very addictive game, once you start passing levels you will never want to stop. The sound and music that this game has, makes you have one of the best times of your life. The point of this game is to aim the bouncing ball in the right direction by controlling your ship. The ship appear in the bottom of the screen and once you get the ball going it will hit the blocks in the top and break them, then bounce back to you and you must make sure it doesn't go by you, or you'll lose a life. Once you have broken all of the block you will have completed that level. The game also has some new features, which will allow you to use some guns, rockets, bombs, fireballs and other weapons to help you destroy the blocks faster. These weapons make the game more interesting; the explosions they cause are very powerful and make a lot of noise. Alpha Ball also has some updates available where you will be able to add more than 500 different and new levels to your game. This will definitely give you even much more fun time. Once you start getting the hang of this game, you will start to make some high scores, which will be kept for you, so that you can always try and play to break your old record. Alpha Ball has so many levels and so many backgrounds that every time you complete a level itís like you are playing a whole new game. It also gets harder as you start to advance in the game, the ball will move faster and more blocks will start to appear. Alpha ball is a very entertaining game and it will surely add tons of fun to your daily life.