Amelie's Cafe Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Magnificent graphics and sounds. Every little detail, from the characters to the detail in every part of the cafeteria is well taken care of.
  • Different game modes which will test your managing skills to the highest.
  • Many levels for you to complete in each game mode.
  • A small three piece puzzle is always waiting at the bottom of the main game window, for you to try.
  • Many updates to make your cafeteria more productive and popular.
Ease of Use: The mouse of your computer is the tool you use the most to control the game's functions. Everything is very easy to understand. All functions are based on an icon which will guide you in the right direction. it is impossible to get any of the game's instructions confused.

Help and Support: The game has a tutorial at the beginning of the game which explains everything to you. This tutorial explains every step you need to take to get your cafe going. If you need any more help with the game or any kind of support you can visit the game's web page and get additional information.

Summary: This is a fast thinking game; you must have all the customers in your cafe satisfied at all times. This game lets you manage your very own cafe. You get to choose your decoration, the people you hire, what you are going to serve and even who and when you are going to attend. Amelie's Cafe is an entertaining game, there is no one second where you can rest, if you don't think fast you will probably lose a customer, lose money and most importantly you may not complete the level you are playing in. Amelie's Cafe has many levels for you to complete and earn extra updates and features to make your cafe the best of them all. There are also several game modes for you to try, each of them with unique objectives and characters. You start as a simple cafe manager, first you learn how to prepare dishes and where they are made at. Then you start getting some customers and learn what the best way to treat them is and finally you get to charge them for your services. This money is what you use to buy extra options for your cafeteria. As you move along the different levels you will learn to prepare different meals and your chefs, cashiers and waiters all learn how to treat customers better and faster. Amelie's Cafe will bring out the businessman in you; this game not only teaches you about the basic principles to get a cafeteria business started, it also makes you spend many of hours of nothing but fun.