Aqua Garden Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Good graphics, they are very real and well designed.
  • There are several species of fish that swim around in your monitor. The fish behave similarly to real fish depending on their species.
  • You can also choose what type of background and things you will be able to see. There are many different options for you to choose from, like choosing one specific fish and the program will follow it as it swims around.
  • If you have several monitors you can set this program to adapt to each screen and make one big one. A fish will start swimming in one of your monitors and it will disappear in the other monitors that you have.
  • You can also choose from several melodies to listen to.
Ease of Use: The menu is very easy to understand, you can personalize your settings in a matter of seconds. Everything can be done from one single menu.

Help and Support: You can go to the help menu at any time just by clicking on it. There you will find an explanation for all of the settings in the software and you can find an email and other support information as well.

Summary: This aquarium software is very relaxing and joyful. There are many species of fish to look at, each with unique movements and actions. The fish and the background are really something to enjoy. Aqua Garden is one of the best aquarium simulation software I have seen, the detail en every fish is very good. If you turn on the follow the fish option, you will be able to track a specific fish's movement for a while; it is quite interesting to see what they do. You can also put some objects in the background, like plants, windmills and others, which make this software much nicer.