Aqua Real 2 Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Fantastic graphics and sounds, everything is in 3D and everything is very colourful. The sounds of the sea are very real and relaxing.
  • There are at least twenty different species of fish for you to look at and several coral reef plants for you to admire as well.
  • All of the fish are very unique; they move and act accordingly to their species, very specific.
  • You have the option to feed the fish and watch them eat or you can call for some sharks and see what happens
  • You can download extra scenes, fish species, plants and corals from the game's website.
Ease of Use: It is very easy to move around in this software; mostly everything can be moved with your mouse. You move around the ocean by clicking on the mouse buttons and there are a few menu options which you can always see and choose from. Nothing complicated about this sea software.

Help and Support: The software's website has every single bit of information you may want to know. The help menu also has many topics which can be very helpful if you encounter any problem. The guide really explains how to move around and all the different options you have.

Summary: This simulation software allows you to enjoy all that the ocean has to offer. You will be able to move around the bottom of the sea, watching how different species of fish interact between themselves. The graphics are so real you almost get the feeling that you have the ocean right in front of you. There are also many species of plants which make the game more realistic and give places for fish to hide and eat from. There is a feature which allows you to pet and even feed the fish swimming around. As you move along the bottom of the sea of Aqua Real 2 the scenery as well as the species you will find starts to change adding reality to the software.