Around the World in 80 Days Review

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Top Five Features:
  • The game is based on a great story. From the very beginning you are attracted to the story.
  • The pictures of the different places you visit throughout the game are very nice and colourful.
  • There are many puzzle levels for you to complete, this makes the game very challenging.
  • Many hidden artefacts and items are just waiting around for you to be discovered.
  • You can set some of the panoramic pictures in the game as your screen saver.
Ease of Use: Everything is very easy to understand. From the beginning you get messages and small icons pointing to what you can do. You can control everything with your mouse, which makes it real easy. The menus are easy to understand and the puzzles pieces are easy to identify.

Help and Support: The game's main we page has lots of information about the game, as well as a support team ready to answer any of your questions online. During the game, you have a small tutorial, which explains how to do everything. There is also a tip manager, which if you take a certain amount of time deciding your next puzzle move, it will show you, your next and most logical move.

Summary: Who hasn't heard of the book Around the World in 80 Days, written by Julius Verne? This is one of the greatest books of all times and this game is based on that same story. From the beginning of the game, you get to read a few passages similar to the famous book. The story begins when two rich men meet and decide to make a wager. One states that it is possible to go around the world in 80 days, while the other believes itís simply impossible. From then on the bet starts and you must help your character find the way to complete his journey around the world by solving puzzles and finding useful items for your trip. Every day that goes by is a puzzle that you are able to solve. You can solve puzzles by identifying, where the hidden item's parts are and trying to move blocks out of their way, so they reach the bottom. You make other blocks disappear by matching three or more similar blocks in a line. Once you get three or more of the same blocks in a line, you start getting points and receiving extra items to help you finish every puzzle, like a hammer or even a bomb. Around the World in 80 Days is a very exciting and addicting game. The puzzles are simply very entertaining.