Astra Jigsaw Europe Tour Review

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Top Five Features

  1. This game was designed so that anyone could use it. One of its main features would be the user friendly interface it has.  Thanks to the existence of computers, it is now very easy to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle anywhere.  Software like this allows people of all ages to try and solve jigsaw puzzles on their desktops.  It is very easy to move the pieces of the puzzle around and if you make a mistake you can easily change the puzzle piece for another and try it again.  This type of software is excellent for teaching kids to solve puzzles and making their minds much more agile whilst still having fun.
  2. If you are one of those people that enjoy solving puzzles pretty quickly then you will enjoy the challenge here because you can find more than 100 different puzzles on Astra Jigsaw Europe Tour, all of which feature famous European landmarks.  Many people love to solve jigsaw puzzles but they get bored when they have to solve the same puzzle over and over again.  This software allows people to enjoy their hobby whilst looking at wonderful sites.   
  3. If you are still not satisfied then you can try your hand at one of the many different levels.  If you are an intensive jigsaw puzzle solver, you will soon get past those four piece puzzle that you can solve in a matter of seconds and you will want to solve harder puzzles that contain hundreds of pieces.  This software allows the user to change the jigsaw puzzle level to suit his or her own wants and needs and gives the user even more opportunities to try out the puzzle solving abilities.
  4. There is nothing like teaching a new skill to your kids and this game can also be used as a learning technique.  As this software is very easy to use, anybody could take a few minutes to teach a little geography to their kids while still spending good quality time together.  This jigsaw puzzle collection has a variety of pictures from all over Europe, from beautiful landscapes and window art to famous castles and monuments.  The pictures are so well taken and have great visual quality that is easy for anybody to identify what it is. 
  5. If you have solved all the puzzles this collection has at the various levels, you could still have some fun with this software because you can choose the shape of every piece in the puzzles.  You can choose to make the pieces look like birds, animals, fruits, insects and other things, all of which make the game much more interesting and difficult to solve because the end of each piece will not fit the same way as it did before. After a few hours of solving puzzles your eyesight might weaken a little, but do not worry because this software includes a magnifying glass application for you to finish that puzzle with.

Ease Of Use
You will most certainly not have any problems when using this application.  Everything is quite easy to understand.  After choosing which puzzle you are going to try and solve and establishing the level, the main window contains all of the buttons needed to move and organize the pieces.  You have buttons to move the pieces in any way you might think of.  You can open another window to view all of the puzzle pieces remaining but still have a great view of the puzzle you are building.  You can always use the magnifying glass button to enlarge the puzzle and make it easier on your sight.  You can easily save your puzzle at any time or even start over again if you do not think you are doing it correctly. 
Help and Support
The help menu includes everything you need to know about how to get started solving puzzles.  You can find out what the controls are used for all about the software developer.  The only type of support this software developer has is e-mail, which you can find in the software help menu or on their webpage.
If you really like to try and solve jigsaw puzzles then you should consider this software because it is easy to use. You have support at all times and you get more than 100 different puzzles.  Thanks to all the different European pictures that this software contains, you get many puzzles for the same price.  You could be solving puzzles for months and not have to buy any more for quite some time.  The pictures are wonderful and they keep you interested in solving the puzzle.  When downloading the software, you must be ready to pay a one off registration fee.   You should always save the download to a place where it can easily be found and installed later.