Azangara Review

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Top Five Features:
  • More than five different castles with exciting new labyrinths for you to solve.
  • Incredible three dimensional graphics and magnificent sounds.
  • You get lots of bonuses and items when you complete a castle.
  • A wide variety of monsters and other creatures just waiting to attack you.
  • No matter what happens to your software, you will receive technical support for life.
Ease of Use: This game is easy to use; you can move your character with the arrow keys and other keyboard buttons. It is easier to use the keyboard than your computer's mouse, since itís a vertical labyrinth you can climb easier this way.

Help and Support: You can view the help menu by clicking on it in the main game's screen. In this menu you will be able to read all about the game and its rules. The creators of this game offer life time technical support once you purchase the game.

Summary: Once you set the game's options to your personal preference, Azangara will drag you into a world of magnificent and unique labyrinths. Azangara is not a game for the weak of mind; you must collect all of the diamonds that are located in each wonderful castle, before something bad happens to you. You only get a few lives and you must use every single one of them very wisely. Locating the diamonds and retrieving them may not be as easy as it sounds, since Azangara gives you the adventure of your life. You must battle against dangerous creatures and monsters that will appear behind every single door you open in the castle. Not only are there creatures that can take away your precious lives, there are also dangerous paths which you may not pass. These paths are filled with burning flames and bridges that move as soon as you start walking on them. If you don't move on time, you may fall in one of the frightening and dark dungeons of the castle and never see the light of day again. You must choose your path wisely or you might find yourself in a place where you have no way of returning. Once you have defeated all the scary creatures, chosen the correct path and collected all the diamonds, you will receive an incredible treasure which will help you in your long and dangerous adventure. There are many labyrinths in each castle, where you will find some exciting adventures, incredible treasures and diamonds, but you must be very careful. Azangara is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone. The graphics are simply excellent and every new phase of the castle that you discover brings a new adventure and danger for you.