Baby Pack Review

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Top Five Features:
  • The cartoons or graphics in these games are very nice and modern. They take good care of details.
  • You can save up to twenty dollars when buying this pack instead of the two games separately.
  • The cartoon characters talk between themselves and interact depending on what you want.
  • The sound and music in these games fit accordingly to what you are seeing on the screen.
  • There are many missions and tasks for you to accomplish in these games.
Ease of Use:These games are very simple to understand, the controls are easily found and all the menus are at your left if you need them. Moving the characters is easy and only a mouse click away.

Help and Support: The game's main web page has a vast forum and help centre for you to read if you have a problem while playing. You can always personally contact the game's designer if you have any more doubts.

Summary: Baby pack is a two game combo in one; for a small price you get both baby blimp and the kinder-garden game. In baby blimp you become a stork and start receiving orders from parents around the world, who are looking for some babies of their own. The game places you (the stork) at your baby workshop, somewhere in the sky, where you must produce the number of babies that you are asked for and deliver them on time to their future parents. This is the main objective of baby blimp, this is how you earn points and make your baby production centre prosper. As you start earning and saving points you will be able to spend those points in different updates for your workshop, which will make it easier for you to produce babies, receive customers and even make it easier to deliver those babies on time. The kinder-garden game puts you in front of your very own kinder-garden school or day care centre. You must receive the babies that arrive there and take care of them until their parents go and pick them up. This is a virtual simulation of a real day care centre, you must learn to manage a business and really enjoy working with children. Once you get the hang of it, more parents will want to have their babies taken care by you and your day care centre will start to bloom. Then you can also install new upgrades and make your kinder-garden school the best of all. Both games are very fun and really test your managing skills. You must be familiar with some basic financial information, but anyone who enjoys managing will understand the game. Baby Pack not only saves you money, but it also gives you many hours of satisfaction.