Bridge Baron 18 Express Edition Review

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Top Five Features

  1. If you like playing bridge then the Bridge Baron 18 Express Edition is for you.  This game has good graphics and the movement is fast.  It does not take that long to play a game of bridge.  The colours are vivid and they keep you interested in the game.
  2. You can either play for fun or actually compete against other players.  This makes it so much more interesting than just playing alone.  You can play bridge tournaments too, which is quite exciting.
  3. After a while, you might start getting the hang of the game and may actually increase your level.  The software allows you to change the level of your opponents so you can easily test your skills against better opponents.  This option keeps you in the game as having only one level may become boring and prevent you from playing the game.
  4. All the menus in the Bridge Baron 18 Express Edition are always at the top and thus readily available for you whenever you need them. They are also easy to access.  You can change the style of the deck, alter the sounds or you can start over if you are having a bad game. 
  5. The score of the game is always available at the click of a button when you need to see how you are doing.  The game takes care of all the scoring, which makes it much easier to play bridge.  Scoring a game of bridge is not that easy at all and removes valuable time from the actual game.

Ease Of Use
    The software seems to have been designed for people with normal computer skills.  All the game options can be found at the top of the screen at all times.  Pop up windows will come out on your desktop as soon as you choose one of these options.  The options are also easily and readily available.
Help And Support
    The game provides a help section that is always available for the user.  There you will find answers on all the aspects of the game, from instructions on how to play bridge to instructions on how to manage the software.  There is a support contact menu available if you have any questions or problems with the game.  You can also visit the designer's webpage for more information on the game.
    This software has multiple features that guarantee a good time while you play bridge.  If you are a person that likes to compete you can get into a couple of tournaments which will surely make you prove your skills.  The graphics and sounds of Bridge Baron 18 Express Edition are good and do not become frustrated.  Sometimes card games may have the same sounds and if you keep hearing them over and over again you get frustrated but that is not the case here.  The sounds are simple but they are still unique.