Bridge Baron Windows Edition Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Many level to test your bridge skills. There are more than forty levels, which will help you increase your skills. This also makes the game much more challenging.
  • There are several game modes which you play, you can also test you bridge skills in tournament mode in see how far you can make it.
  • There is a help feature which will let you know what the best option for you to take is and it also helps you understand the game more.
  • The graphics are well designed and allow you to view the events of the game very easily. The graphics are simple yet they are perfect for this game.
  • The game moves real fast so you do not get bored or lose your patience while playing. The cards appear real fast and your moves and those of the computer are shown in the main window as soon as they occur.
Ease of Use: This software is not hard to understand at all. It is a bridge game and you can handle all of your cards with the mouse. The menu bar is always accessible for any other option you may need to change. If you understand the rules for playing a game of bridge, you will understand how the software works in a matter of minutes.

Help and Support: You can access the help menu from the top bar at any time you like. There you will find the rules of the game as well as some contact methods if you experience any other problem. The help menu also has some documents where it explains the game's features and different types of game modes.

Summary: Bridge Baron Windows Edition is a great game. Playing bridge with this software makes the card game more modern and accessible. You can play bridge at almost any computer also all of the many different options that this game has, like the different types of bets that you can choose to make, the tournaments, the tips you are able to get and the ease of use, make Bridge Baron Windows Edition your best choice when it comes to playing a game of bridge. The computer's players have skills that will make you really prove yourself.