Call of Atlantis Review

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Top Five Features:
  • The game includes many level for you to pass, there are even some maps of some of the most important ancient cultures.
  • The story of the game is real good and it keeps you interested in what is happening.
  • The graphics and sounds are perfect for this game; everything has great detail and most things create a sound for you to listen.
  • You can play in three different game modes, where you have a different objective in each.
  • The software transforms some of the scenes from the game, for you to use as a screen saver on your computer.
Ease of use: You can control everything in the game by using your mouse, which makes it very easy. There is always some comment or story from the game which lets you know what is the next step for you to take.

Help and Support: Mostly all the help you will need is going to be visible on the main screen. There is a window which tells you what you can do next and how to do it. There is also a help menu where you can find more answers and tips on how to play.

Summary: Many people have looked for the ancient empire of Atlantis, but this game allows you not only find it but to re-establish it to its original power. Call of Atlantis is a puzzle game, where your main objective is to complete the next level, so that you can get some incredible artefacts that will be very useful for your empire. As you advance in the game, you start discovering more land and more land, some of the places you may be able to visit are the ancient empires of, Rome and Greece. As you discover more and more land, you will also be able to find different items and artefacts, like magic glasses or stones. Sometimes throughout the game, you can even encounter some of the ancient gods, which will either help you out in your tasks or make you have one of the worst times ever. There are many puzzle levels, which make this game so interesting and addicting. Every puzzle have a similar objective, which is to connect three or more similar figures together depending on what you are asked for, in order to get points and items. There are several ways to play the game; this gives you more options of enjoying Call of Atlantis. One of the things you can do in this game is to dedicate your time to solving puzzles only, this is fun but the game is meant for so much more. You can also find items around the map and use them to upgrade your empire or buy more land. The best way of playing Call of Atlantis is simply to play some of the missions given to you by the narrator of the game's story; this involves you in all three game modes, which makes it much more interesting. Describing this game is not easy at all; there is so much to say about it, one thing is for sure, Call of Atlantis is an exciting game.