CardsFun Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Software Review Boffin found that If you like playing cards then you will most certainly find the card game you enjoy most amidst the wide selection of card games available. They include most of the Rummy type games, the best of all the classical Whist games plus old favourites such as Bezique and Canasta.
  2. All the games can be downloaded and you may play as many games as you like in each of five playing sessions before deciding if you wish to buy them for unlimited play. Software Review Boffin agreed that nothing can be more fair than that.
  3. The bots against whom you play will give you a good game AND they do not cheat by counting cards or knowing what you have in their hand. This means you do not get frustrated by never being able to win.
  4. The graphics are attractive with good visual movement of the cards and sound effects. In most of the games animation and sound can be turned off if that is what you prefer.
  5. Software Review Boffin determined that there was absolutely no obligation to purchase the games if you are were not fully satisfied after playing the trial games. Registering the games is made safely and securely with RegNow and they are all very reasonably priced.

Ease Of Use:

Software Review Boffin found all of the games came with a good help file which, even if you have not played a paticular card game before, will enable you to learn how to play it very quickly. Actions required for you to move the cards and process the playing with your keyboard and mouse are fully explained and very simple.

Help And Support:

Help and support is available by email and are usually given within 24 hours of receipt of a request for help or even a minor concern.

The top three reasons to choose CardsFun card games:

  1. Free downloads
  2. Plenty of time to play as many games as you wish in each of five playing sessions
  3. Very reasonable and genuine price structure

The 3 most important features to look for when you download CardsFun card games:

  1. The robots play against you fairly but at the same time give you a challenge
  2. Easy and pleasant on the eye graphics
  3. Absolutely no pressure to buy the games if you do not wish after enjoying them for a period

The best games in the CardsFun collection our top 3 choices:

  1. Bid Whist
  2. Solo Whist
  3. Contract Rummy