Contract Rummy Review

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Top Five Features:
  • The computer has been designed to be a difficult rival to beat.
  • The cards look great, thanks to the well thought of graphics.
  • There is a statistics menu where you can look at all of your stats.
  • You can change the game options like its background colour and deck design.
  • You can play against three other players at the same time.
Ease of Use: You can understand how to play this game in a few minutes. Everything can be moved with your mouse and dragging the cards from one place to another is not difficult. You only have to click on them twice to select them and the computer will do the rest.

Help and Support: In the start up screen of the game you can find the About menu which will give you all the contact of information you need and a small guide on how to play the game. The main game screen also has a toolbar in the top, where you can also find this About menu.

Summary: Playing contract rummy with this software is very delightful. The design is very neat, everything has its own place and everything looks organized. The different backgrounds that you can choose add personal style while you play, making it more comfortable for the users. The deck of cards can also be personalized by choosing one of the many designs that are available in this software. You can choose to just change the colour of the deck or you can choose to add some art design. Whatever you choose the purpose of the contract rummy game is to have less points than your rivals at the end of the seven turn match. The game of contract rummy is based on seven different turns, where each player must try and make the best hand possible, by collecting straights or three pairs from the same suit of cards, just like in the game of poker. Each card will have some point value and the players who have not completed any good hands before some else does, will have to add those points to their score. At the end of the seven turns, the acquired points by each player in every hand will be added and this sum will tell you who the winner is. The player who has the lowest sum will have beaten his rivals. This game gets very competitive, because even when playing against the computer as an opponent you do have a hard time getting less point than it. The computer has been programmed to think and make good choices, so it will come up with great card hands every once in a while. Contract rummy is a cool game to play; it even gets better when you play against real people.