Cribbage Champion Review

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Top Five Features:
  • You can set this game to your home language.
  • The speed of the game can be controlled by you.
  • The computer's players keep raising their level as you improve yourself.
  • You can play in tournaments or just a normal cribbage game.
  • You can keep score at the exact instant the points are given, very exact scoring device.
Ease of Use: This card game is not hard to understand. Most of its options appear at the top of the screen at all times and the cards are easily moved with a joystick or computer mouse. The cards are dealt by the computer, so you basically only have to decide which cards are better for you.

Help and Support: You can enter the help menu from the main window of the game or in the toolbar at the top of the game screen. You can contact the designer of the game by email, which you can find either in the about section of the game or in the game's web page. The designer has some personal information on his site as well which gives any player more sense of security.

Summary: Cribbage is one of people’s favourite card games, because it's very competitive and it is simply very fun to play. Thanks to technology, you can now enjoy valuable time with family members or friends and play some cribbage on your computer. Cribbage is a very unique game, because it involves several scoring devices and even a very different and widely known scoring board. The main point of cribbage is to beat your opponents by forming groups of cards that add points to your personal score. The game of cribbage depends widely on how much luck you are having that day and how clever you are at the moment of deciding which cards to keep and which ones to throw. The thing that makes the game of cribbage so different from other card games is the scoring board that is mostly always used when playing this game. This board is made out of many little holes and each player has some small sticks which they stick in the holes and mark points. Thanks to this software carrying a heavy scoring board is no longer necessary, the board appears tight on top of your cards in a window and you can either enable it or disable it. The designs on the card decks are made out of some unique type of art. Cribbage Champion is a well designed game, the graphics and sounds are also pretty good and it lets people enjoy cribbage without the hassle of the scoring board.