DigiFish Clownfish Review

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Top Five Features:
  • Very realistic, three dimensional graphics, that give the game an incredible look
  • Includes some of the most popular and common fish and corral species, for you to enjoy
  • You can feed the fish by yourself or you can set a time for auto feeding
  • You can set the background to your favourite colour, by choosing one of the several background options provided by this software
  • You have the ability to mate different species to produce your own
Ease of Use: This is a very easy software to use. All you have to do is set the options to what you like, so that all you need to do is watch and enjoy the different species of fish that will be swimming around your computer screen.

Help and Support: When you start this software the main menu has a help icon, where you can learn all about the game, its many different options and even get some contact information. If you experience any problems with the software you can always contact the game's manufacturer by e-mail and have them solve your problems. The main web page for this software also contains a frequently asked questions section, where you can find answers to most of your questions.

Summary: Digi Fish Clown fish is a very relaxing and joyful software. With this game you are able to enjoy some of the most spectacular scenes from the ocean. This software allows you to watch some of the most famous clown fish species and beautiful corrals in the world directly on the screen of your computer. Digi Fish Clown fish has some of the most technological and incredible graphics you have ever seen. You can easily see all of the details on every fish, from their moves to the pigmentation on their skins. The corrals also have very neat designs; they add a lot of reality to the background of this game. You also have the option to change the colours in the background, which gives many more opportunities to enjoy and personalize this game to your special needs. There is also an option which allows zooming in and out as you like, so that you can be able to watch everything from a closer angle and really see those specific details. This software is all about the famous tropical fish species know to us as the clown fish. This species is widely known around the world for its distinctive colours and patterns, as well as their friendly and curious ways of interacting with other sea creatures. Everything in Digi Fish Clown Fish is very real, form the clown fish to the coral reef and even the anemones; which will actually breed and change the background of your artificial sea aquarium. This software also allows you to breed different species of clown fish so that you can have some unique clown fishes swimming around your computer's screen all day long. This game is very relaxing and is a must for anyone who enjoys clown fishes or for people who really like the beautiful background of a relaxing sea.